Valentine's Day is right around the corner. What are you going to do for your significant other? Are you going to make a nice plate of Hamburger Helper, sit on your couch and binge watch shows on Netflix? If you are, rethink that plan! This Valentine's Day, we want you to score some major brownie points with your significant other!

A new survey had people rank a bunch of different couples' activities on how romantic they are. So if you are struggling with how you are going to spend the big day, take note! Doing some of these romantic things will definitely result in a successful Valentine's Day. Just add a little bit of thought and personal touch and you will make your significant  other fall in love with you all over again...or fall in love with you for the first time...


The four most romantic things you can do are . . .

1.  Going on a picnic.

2.  Going for a walk.

3.  Eating at a restaurant.

4.  Making a home-cooked meal together.


The four LEAST romantic things are . . .

1.  Playing video games.

2.  Going to a sporting event.

3.  Going bowling.

4.  Binge watching a TV show. 


For more tips, check out Harris Interactive.


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