The year 2020 is the gift that just keeps giving. It looks like we are in for a hotter than normal July.

The National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center reported that July could see record-breaking heat in most of the country. Looking at the map, it seems like Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois will be experiencing this heat.

According to a report by The Washington Post, Dr. Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist for Weather Company says that this weather pattern could show “potentially historic heat.” This would be similar to the heat we experienced in July 2011 and July 2012, which ranked as the fourth-warmest and warmest on record in the continental United States.

The Weather Channel says that these highs will average "several degrees warmer than average throughout the month." I know we have a lot of people here in the Tri-State who will be working in the heat. Consider this a heads up. Stay hydrated and as cool as you possibly can this July.

You might be wondering why it will be so hot. The Weather Channel says that La Niña and drying soils are to blame for the increased temperatures.

Oh, and the fun doesn't end at the above average heat this month. No, no, no. 2020 isn't that nice. On top of the heat, it could mean that we could see an increase in strong to severe weather in the area as well, according to The Washington Post.

So it looks like we have one more thing to "look forward to" in 2020. When will this madness end???

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