It's not often that we have two pets of the week from the Vanderburgh Humane Society to introduce you to, but it does happen from time to time. It's also not unusual for the two pets up for adoption to be "bonded" (more on what that means later). With all that said, this week's bonded pair of rabbits up for adoption are unique because they are mother and daughter. Meet Halo and Pepper.

Halo and Pepper's Story

What makes Halo and Pepper unique is that it's uncommon for mother rabbits to stay with their kids after they've grown. Obviously, Momma had a favorite kid and decided she didn't want to leave her side. According to the VHS, the two "love grooming, snuggling, and exploring their little rabbit world together."

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One thing they do share with other rabbits is their need to stay busy. The pair need enrichment to help battle boredom and the blues. They love to team up on puzzles and toys in their attempts to find all the hidden treats. Something to keep in mind if you decide to make them part of your family.

What Are Bonded Animals?

According to House with a Heart:

Bonded pairs of animals have generally grown up together. While often siblings, non-siblings can bond as well. Although every animal can develop bonds, there are times when these bonds are so close that one or both animals decline when not with the other.

While you could take just one of them, it is preferred that you take both. Normally, their adoption fee would be $80 for a pair of bonded bunnies, but because the VHS is so full right now, you can adopt Pepper and Halo for just $60 together.

If you'd like to get a jump on the adoption process for Halo and Pepper, or any of the animals the VHS offers that you might be interested in, you can fill out some of the paperwork in advance on the VHS website.

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