While the golden age of the music video didn't come until halfway through Randy Travis' storied career, the singer released a number of mini clips that proved he knew how to work a camera and a microphone. This list of the Top Randy Travis Videos was determined based on the number of views each has gathered on YouTube. Songs like 'Three Wooden Crosses' were never made into music videos (aside from live recordings), but hits like 'I Told You So' and 'Forever and Ever, Amen' are among his all-time best.

  • 1

    'Look Heart, No Hands'

    This clip from 1992 shows Travis playing in an empty gymnasium before scenes of teenagers falling in love during a walk or bike ride in an open field. It's a circle of life song that follows a young couple into adulthood. Filmed in black and white, the clip is a subtle, but effective way to tell the story of a hit from the singer's greatest hits album.

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    'If I Didn't Have You'

    'If I Didn't Have You' comes from the same period of Travis' life as 'Look Heart, No Hands,' but it couldn't be more different. Filmed in vibrant colors, a hunky Travis appears in a sleeveless shirt, riding a dark stallion to convince his love he's serious. Other scenes show him laboring over an ax and fire. It's OK if you get a little warm watching him.

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    'I Told You So'

    The number of views on Travis' 1988 version of the song were no doubt bumped by Carrie Underwood's duet two decades later, but the singer does a fine acting job in the clip for this love song. One finds him pondering who he's missing along an open stream in late autumn or winter. There's real pain on Travis' face as he sings his story and strums his guitar.

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    'He Walked on Water'

    A barely 30-year-old Travis stars in this video from 1990. His scenes are separate from the vintage footage of an old man with his young grandson, enjoying some quality time together. It's a heartwarming, poignant song made even better by the gentle scenes illustrating that special relationship.

  • 5

    'Forever and Ever, Aman'

    Randy Travis plays a wedding guest in the video for 'Forever and Ever, Amen.' The footage is aged to look like a vintage home movie, with old-timers gathering to celebrate the nuptials of a young, happy couple. Little kids dance with their grandmothers, while Travis brings everyone together with a special version of his hit song. Along the way, photos of couples attending the celebration are taken. And a blushing bride finds a way to squeeze into most of them.

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