Would you like to hunt for Bigfoot?  Well you can, but first you have to be taken to a top-secret location.

North America's Most Prolific Cryptid

Undoubtedly, Bigfoot (or sasquatch) is North America's most prolific cryptid.  There's been shows, movies, and books about our elusive furry friend.  But some people take the Bigfoot fascination up a notch and like to go on the hunt for ole Bigfoot. There is no denying that many have been fascinated by the legend of Bigfoot for years, and now you can go on the hunt for Bigfoot at a top-secret Bigfoot location.


The Quest For Bigfoot

A special Bigfoot quest will take place in Kentucky at a location that is said to be known for being a Bigfoot hotspot. Here's the catch, the location of this Bigfoot hot spot is top secret.  So you won't know where to go until you get there. You can go and enjoy this 4-hour nighttime adventure on September 21st.


According to the ticketing site, you'll be able to scour the woods and search for Bigfoot alongside experts and enthusiasts.

Our journey will take us through uncharted terrain, under the eerie light of the moon, as we follow the trail of this legendary creature. This is more than just a Halloween haunt; it's an experience that will test your courage and your will to explore the unknown. You'll hear strange noises, see unexplainable sights, and feel the chill of the unknown on your skin.

We can't reveal too much about the location - it's TOP SECRET! But be prepared for an unforgettable night in Anderson County Kentucky. So gather your bravest friends, put on your best tracking boots, and join us for a thrilling Bigfoot Hunt you won't forget!

The Bigfoot Quest will take place at night from 8PM to 12 AM, if you're interested in going, you can buy your tickets, here. 

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