A new program offered at Purdue University could give Hoosier students a chance to earn up to a full year’s worth of college credits for free.

The new initiative is "aimed at raising the state’s educational attainment rate and broadening the pipeline from Indiana high schools to the university," according to the Indy Star. The article states that Purdue is partnering with Modern States Education Alliance to launch the Purdue Fast Start program.

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Modern States Education already offers more than 30 college courses in subjects like calculus, chemistry and psychology with free tuition online. Indy Star reports that the courses are aligned with exams offered by the College Board and accepted for credit at nearly 3,000 colleges and universities nationwide.

This program would allow students to gain a year's worth of credits, tuition free, while still in high school. Purdue is hoping it will give students an easier path to college who may not have considered it beforehand.

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