Two very skinny puppies were dumped on the doorstep of a church. Thankfully It Takes a Village stepped up to help the puppies, but they need help! 

Puppies shouldn't be skinny, and unfortunately two skinny puppies were dumped at a church. Thankfully the person who found them contacted It Takes a Village who has taken the pups into their care.

However two very hungry, skinny puppies, mean they need foster homes that can give them extra care. They need to be fed around the clock, small feedings, and given medication. The last update said the pups were taken to the vet. It Takes a Village's Facebook post reads:

2 very skinny puppies were found on a church doorstep and are on their way to us now. We are working on getting them into one of our vets ASAP but will need a foster home. They do not need to stay together. If you can help please email us at

If you can help out by fostering one or both pups please reach out to It Takes a Village, here.  If you can't foster right now, please consider donating to help with these pups care!

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