With the year we've had, Fall and Winter, with all of their holiday goodness, offer hope and happiness. I can't wait to feel the cool, crisp air, see the beautiful colors outside and enjoy everything pumpkin spice. And, I mean everything.

Some people, Ryan, complain because, there is so much pumpkin spice. To some extent, he does have a point, companies will make anything into a pumpkin spice version. But, you know what, I don't care. I'll give anything pumpkin space a try.

When I saw that Jet-Puffed as brought back their pumpkin spiced marshmallows, you know I'm all in. In fact, believer it or not, I didn't try them when they first came out. But, I'm not going to miss out this time. They may become my new favorite snack.

You should be able to find the very soon. The new bags look a lot different then the ones from last year. This time, the bags are covered in Fall leaves and colors. It looks like the marshmallows are still shaped like pumpkins.

If you see them on the shelves, let me know!

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