There is a new trend floating around TikTok where people are using an everyday household cleaner to deter unwanted critters, but does it really work?

If there was a prize for the amount of DIY information you could collect, my wife would be the clear winner. When we moved back to rural Indiana earlier this year, we purchased a home that sits right next to a large open field. Because of this, we have seen our fair share of critters, most notably mice. However, last week, my wife found a snake skin in our backyard and decided it was time to take action. She sent me a couple of videos regarding DIY pest repellents, but one of them seemed almost too good and too easy to be true.

People are claiming that the household cleaner known as Pine Sol will deter snakes and mice around your home. Apparently, all you have to do is spray it around your house, and then you're pest-free. Additionally, the chemical is said to do no harm to your grass, so you won't have to worry about it killing your lawn. Easy enough, right?

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I did some more digging into the science behind this trend, and I learned a couple of things while doing so. According to Nature Guard, Pine Sol is made up of several ingredients, including pine oil, surfactants, and fragrance. Pine oil is the main ingredient responsible for the strong scent that is believed to repel mice, but the website didn't include any mention of it being used to repel snakes. However, if you have ever cleaned with Pine Sol, you would know that the scent doesn't last forever; therefore, there may not be much longevity to this method.

While Pine Sol may work in the short term, overall, it may not be the best method of pest deterrence. As Nature Guard notes, the strong odor of Pine Sol may not be pleasant for mice, but it also might not be pleasing for some humans. Further, the cleaning compound can cause irritation or allergic reactions in some individuals. For me, I'll probably keep looking for some other methods, but if this one works for you and you like the smell of pine, then go for it.

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