Recently PC Pound Puppies shared the story of a dog they named Fella, after he came to them in one of the worst conditions they've seen in a while. The good news is, he's now in the care of loving people who want to help him!

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Fella is supposed to be a shepherd mix around 10 years old. I say "supposed to be" because the poor guy has been so neglected for so long, that it's honest hard to tell. His story and sweet demeanor captured the hearts of many on social media, and most importantly, the hearts of PC Pound Puppies.

While the photos of Fella are a bit hard to look at, the good news is, he is on the road to recovering from all this, and starting a new life.  The poor guy has a laundry list of problems, the first thing you'll notice is his skin.  His skin is in the condition it's in due to layers upon layers of inflammation and infection.  He also was diagnosed with  demodectic mange, on top of being completely loaded with sarcoptic mites on his skin. While it's going to be quite a long road of healing for this sweet boy, PC Pound Puppies and their vet are confident that Fella can be healed, it just will take a while due to the years of neglect he's faced.

Fella is currently at the vet, on pain meds, and receiving treatments for his various

A close up of his skin (PC Pound Puppies)

ailments.  However it is not going to be cheap for all of the treatment he needs. So if you are in a place where you can do so, if you'd like to help PC Pound Puppies could really use donations.  You can donate by clicking here.

Best of luck to Fella, and of course I'll keep you updated as we learn more about this sweet boy.  I know stories like this are at times hard to read, and the photos can be tough to look at, but the thing to remember is Fella is now in the hands of loving people who will care for him, and make sure he gets everything he needs.  I hope he has a quick road to recovery, and gets a home with a soft warm place to lay his head, where he's loved!

Here's PC Pound Puppies original post about Fella: