There’s a place in Nashville, TN you absolutely must visit!  Plaza Mariachi, just 10 minutes from downtown, was recently voted “Best Dinner Entertainment."

Here’s what had to say:

With a large number of eateries (including Mexican, Cuban, Greek and more), a new dedicated bar, and constant entertainment from the stage and beyond, Plaza Mariachi’s food court is a great place for those large gatherings where no one can decide where to go. On various nights, bands play, you can salsa dance, play trivia, watch aerial artists and dancers and more. It’s kid-friendly (unless otherwise noted on some late-night entertainment), and there’s even an arcade. Grab a paleta and a spot near the stage for a fun and multicultural evening.

Several months ago, Mike and I experienced Plaza Mariachi's Octoberfest all day entertainment with German bands, artists, and dancers while sitting in their enormous Food Hall chowing down some beer cheese soup w/chorizo and pretzels.   Also that day, they offered a petting zoo outside their facilities featuring kangaroos, deer, a camel, miniature horses, pigs, goats, etc. for the whole family to enjoy.  It was a great time!

Petting Zoo at Plaza Mariachi, Nashville, TN; credit Deb Turner
Petting Zoo at Plaza Mariachi, Nashville, TN; credit Deb Turner

I love the shopping experience there!  It’s like nothing you’ll see in the Evansville area.  You’ll find clothing and dresses including formal dresses from Mexico, Central and South America, jewelry, and more. There’s a barbershop, Mexican candies, etc.  You’ll love the beautiful decor as you walk around from store to store.

They have a great variety of unique and authentic eateries including Mexican food, Indian food, Mediterranean cuisine (gyros, wraps, etc.), pizza, salads, grilled steaks and chicken, and more.  Click HERE for their dining eateries.

Did I mention there’s a store (market) to purchase traditional bakery items, a butcher shop, fresh produce, seafood, fresh tortillas, salsa and cheeses, grab-n-go items, and more at the Mazfresco Market? Definitely, stop in there!

If you’re bringing the kids, they’ll love playing on the jungle gym and slide and playing video games. Every Saturday now through the end of April, it’s “Kids Saturday at Plaza Mariachi” featuring FREE art, storytime, music, dancing and a variety of fun activities from 11am - 3 pm.

Plaza Mariachi, Nashville, TN; courtesy of Plaza Mariachi
Plaza Mariachi, Nashville, TN; courtesy of Plaza Mariachi

The top 10 things to do at Plaza Mariachi:  Live music, live performances, dancing, arcade games, great food, unique shopping, beer and mixed drinks, salon treatment, coffee, and sports! Daytime entertainment is usually FREE!

Plaza Mariachi is located at 3955 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN  37211.  Call 615-373-9292 for more information or visit the Plaza Mariachi website.  

It’s one of the coolest places to visit featuring entertainment that will suit everyone's tastes!  This weekend’s Mardi Gras entertainment features the Halfbrass Band bringing a genuine New Orleans style brass band to Plaza Mariachi. Alison Brazil & The Roots of Rhythm will also perform plus a special Mardi Gras themed Bailamos.  Click HERE for their Entertainment Calendar.

It’s a beautiful place to visit and experience just 10 minutes from downtown Nashville, TN.  And, I’m proud to say that my son, Eric Wormsbaker, is the Entertainment Director at Plaza Mariachi in Nashville!

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