Evansville has many great local eateries, but which is the best?  Personally it would be very hard for me to choose just one! If I want a great chicken wrap and hot chips there's the Stockwell Inn, if I want hot wings the size of my head there's Lamasco, if I want Italian food, there's Dilegge's and so on.  We have so many delicious options it would be hard to narrow it down to a top favorite.

One website called Stacker.com recently took a look at area restaurants Foursquare ratings, and boy were they a surprise. They ranked the top 30 restaurants, you can see the full list here, but these places came in the top 3:

  • #3- Yen Ching
  • #2- Gerst Haus
  • #1- Turonis*

*Speifically Stacker named Turonis Main street the number 1 restaurant in Evansville, as Turonis Forget Me Not Inn landed at number 30 (I know that confused me too).

So what do you think?  Did Stacker.com get it right?  I personally enjoy all three of those restaurants so I'm not mad at it.  Other local favorites that made it onto the top 30 list include Donut Bank, Manna, and Franklin Street Pizza Factory.  However there were some chains listed like Red Lobster and Sonic. Of course I mean no shade to those places, I just was hoping to see exclusively local eateries on the list.

So where is your favorite place to grab a bite to eat in Evansville?

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