Te Indianapolis Colts finished the season a dismal 2-14 and one thing became very clear that Colt's fans never really noticed....NO BACKUP QUARTERBACK!! Peyton Manning was sidelined all season after a neck injury turned into three neck surgeries for the future Hall of Famer. The Colts brought in retired QB Kerry Collins...that didn't work so, they went to Curtis Painter.....that didn't work so, they finished the year with Dan Orlovsky. We learned a harsh lesson about how important Manning is to the Colts and now could be faced with a future without him.

 The one good thing that came out of this season is that the Colts will get the number one pick in the draft and it's expected the Colts will take Andrew Luck from Stanford. There has been a lot of talk about whether or not Manning and Luck can co-exist, but that may not matter anymore.

Manning has been warned that returning to the field for a 14th season could be very risky to his health. The whispers have started about the possibility of Manning retiring or maybe being traded.

The trade possibilty, while real, seems a little far fetched given the fact that Luck is yet to take a snap in the NFL. I think there is a good chance that Manning will return to the sideline next year, not as a player, but rather as head coach replacing Jim Caldwell who will likely go to the front office.

Many believe manning would be a fine head coach and who better to move that team forward. The players love him and more importantly, believe in him...that sounds like a recipe for success. He certainly couldn't do any worse, but only time will tell. Coach Manning......sounds pretty good to me.

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