Unfortunately it's not the outcome they were hoping for, but the damage from the fire was too extensive, and the building has to come down. But there is hope for Patti's future! 

Patti's Official Facebook Page
Patti's Official Facebook Page

Patti's 1880's Settlement has been a staple in Grand Rivers Kentucky for many years, and is a favorite destination dinner spot for many in the tri-state. They recently suffered a devestating fire, and had plans to renovate due to the damage, but unfortunately once they really got into it, they have no other choice. The damage is too extensive, the building is going to have to come down.

Recently on their Facebook Patti's posted a video all about the plans for the future. They are sad to have to tear the building down, but very optimistic about the future rebuild of Patti's.  They take you on a tour of the establishment in its current state, and discuss how they plan to re-purpose some of the original wood from Patti's, so as much of its history as possible can be preserved.

Check out their video below:


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