Recently, a study was conducted that found the 50 best public high schools in the United States, and only one of those schools is found in Indiana.

It's back-to-school time now in Indiana. So that means that you will see and hear a lot about schools across the state. When it comes to where you send your children to school, it's important that you have your kids in a really good school system. Now, we have a lot of those scattered all throughout the state. I feel like my kids are in one of those now and they both are thriving making straight A's...which is something that I never did.

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Likewise, in the news or on social media, you will see a lot of hot takes about school systems not doing so well and failing the kids. That happens in Indiana and all throughout the United States. That's why when I saw a list from 24/7 Wall St that found the 50 best public high schools in the United States, I was curious how many of those were found in Indiana.

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Best Public High Schools in the United States

24/7 Wall St used numbers gathered from Niche, an education ranking/review website, that assess public high schools across the country based on several factors. Here's what they looked at to determine their rankings, according to

The Best Public High Schools ranking is based on rigorous analysis of academic and student life data from the U.S. Department of Education along with test scores, college data, and ratings collected from millions of Niche users

The two states with the most high schools on this list are New York with 11 schools, and our neighbor to the west, Illinois, with 10 schools. That's a great accomplishment for those states and their schools, but what about Indiana? Well, I'm sorry to say that the number of schools isn't as glamorous. Only one school in the entire state of Indiana made the cut.

One Indiana School Makes the List of 50 Best Public High Schools in America

The only school to make the list here in Indiana came in at number 28 on the list. That school happens to be West Lafayette Junior/Senior High School. Here are their numbers:

28. West Lafayette Junior/Senior High School
> Location: West Lafayette Community School Corporation, IN
> Student-teacher ratio: 15:1
> Avg. graduation rate: 95%
> Avg. SAT score: 1350 out of 1600
> Avg. ACT score: 32 out of 36
> Students enrolled in at least one AP course: 35%
> Total enrollment: 1,102

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While it might be disheartening to some and not surprising to others that only one Indiana public high school made this list, let's not discredit the schools that we have in the state. There are several great high schools all throughout Indiana that offer our children a fantastic education. Just because they didn't make the top 50 in the country, doesn't mean that they aren't worth sending our kids to.

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