Looking to live in the ritziest neighborhood in Illinois? You better bring your checkbook, get a loan, or bust open your piggy bank because it's going to cost you.

Cheapism went around looking at the most expensive neighborhoods in all 50 states including Washington D.C. to see where it will cost you the most to live.

The most expensive zip code in Wisconsin is 53122, Elm Grove. The median cost of homes in Elm Grove is just over $450,000.

Aerial photo of the most expensive home in Elm Grove, WI. Listed at $2.65M. Photo Credit: RE/MAX Realty 100

While that's nothing to sneeze at, the most expensive neighborhood in Illinois will make you gasp.

For Illinois, I was kind of surprised. I half expected a city like Winnetka or at least a zip code in Winnetka to take the top spot. Actually, the place is only a four-minute drive away.

The most expensive zip code in Illinois, and inside the top ten for the entire country, is Kenilworth.


The small and wealthy North Shore suburb of Kenilworth has been the richest ZIP code in Illinois for several years running — the median home sale price breached seven figures in 2016. The whole North Shore, actually, is complete with communities that are among the richest in the state.

@properties Winnetka

The average cost of a home in Kenilworth is $1.428M. Not sure if I could believe my eyes, I went to Realtor.com to check out the most expensive homes for sale in Kenilworth.

@properties Winnetka

The 10 most expensive homes in the 60043 zip code of Kenilworth start at 1.925M and run all the way up to a 7 bedroom 8.5 bath palace listed at 9.575M.

10 Most Expensive Homes in Illinois' Most Expensive Neighborhood

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