Several older models of Frigidaire and Kenmore stoves have been recalled after burns and other incident reports due to these issues.

More Than 200,000 Stoves Recalled

If you have a Kenmore or Frigidaire smooth-top stove in your home, you'll want to check the model number because some older models have been recalled.  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, this recall was originally announced 15 years ago in 2009.  However, since that original recall was announced Electrolux has received at least 212 reports of the ranges causing issues.

including 14 reports of fires and eight reports of injuries involving burns to hands or arms, as well as smoke inhalation.

That's on average one report every month since 2009.  That's a lot of reports.  Due to the amount of reports Electrolux has received over the years, they have opted to reannounce the recall.


Why the Recall?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (or CPSC) says these ranges have had reports of turning on spontaneously, failing to turn off when switched off, and can heat to another temperature than the selected temperature.  These issues have resulted in injuries and fires.

CPSC says if you have one of the recalled models in your home, contact Electrolux and use steps to mitigate the chances of having issues such as keeping the range clear of items when not in use.  Electrolux will offer a free inspection and repair for the stove, and if it is not repairable they will offer a $50 gift card and reimbursement for the stove to be hauled away.

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Models Included in the Recall

The specific models included in this recall are Frigidaire, Frigidaire Gallery, Frigidaire Professional, and Kenmore Elite smooth-top electric ranges.


The CPSC says the following model numbers fall under the recall. 

Frigidaire Model Numbers: 

  • FEFBZ90GC*
  • FEFLZ87GC*
  • GLEF396AB*
  • GLEF396AQ*
  • GLEF396AS*
  • GLEF396CQ*
  • GLEF396CS*
  • GLEFM397DB*
  • GLEFM397DQ*
  • GLEFM397DS*
  • LEEFM389FE*
  • PLEF398AC*
  • PLEF398CC*
  • PLEF398DC*
  • PLEFM399DC*
  • PLEFZ398EC*
  • PLEFZ398GC*
  • Serial Number Range VF122xxxxx - VF936xxxxx

Kenmore Elite Models Recalled:

  • 790.990121*
  • 790.990131*
  • 790.990141*
  • 790.990191*
  • Serial Number Range VF122xxxxx - VF334xxxxx

For more information on this recall, please check the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website, here.

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