Located on the downtown square in Rockville, Indiana, the Old Jail Inn offers a one-of-a-kind experience where you can spend the night in a jail cell by choice, not necessity.

Parke County Indiana's Third Jail

This distinctive inn, comprising nine cells, was once Parke County's third jail and served the community from 1879 to 1998 until the prisoners departed. While the jail closed its doors, its spirit and history continue to thrive within the walls of the Old Jail Inn.

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A Step Back in Time

The Old Jail Inn in Rockville provides guests with a truly unique opportunity to step back in time and experience life behind bars. Each cell has been thoughtfully transformed into comfortable accommodations, blending historical charm with modern amenities. Visitors can sleep in the same cells that once housed inmates, creating an unforgettable overnight stay.

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It's Like a Time Capsule

Stepping into the Old Jail Inn is like stepping into a time capsule. The original architecture and features of the jail have been preserved, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the history of the building. From the iron bars and solid doors to the atmospheric ambiance, every detail tells a story of the jail's past.

More in Rockville, Indiana

While the Old Jail Inn offers a truly exceptional and memorable stay, its location in Rockville, Indiana provides additional attractions for visitors to explore. The charming downtown square offers a glimpse into the town's history, with quaint shops, local eateries, and friendly residents.

A Distinctive and Immersive Experience

For those seeking a distinctive and immersive experience, the Old Jail Inn in Rockville, Indiana is the perfect destination. It offers the opportunity to embrace the intriguing past of Parke County's former jail while enjoying comfortable accommodations and the charm of the downtown area. Whether you're a history enthusiast or simply looking for a one-of-a-kind getaway, the Old Jail Inn promises an unforgettable stay. Book your overnight adventure and discover the allure of spending the night in a historic jail cell.

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