Love is what drives us as humans. It's the common thread that binds us together. We spend much of our time searching for love. Sadly, some never find the love they seek. While others, are lucky enough to find it. When that happens, it's magic.

We go though our lives feeling love and giving love. When we're young, the love we feel is for our friends and family. The kind of love that seems like it's handed to us by fate. Sure, sometimes we really have work to love our family members and sometimes we have to love our friends in spite of themselves, but it's our first experiences with the emotion that is love.

As we get older we look for a life partner, someone we choose to share our life with, one person to love forever. That always sounds good on paper, but sadly, it rarely works out that way. Things happen to break us apart from the one we have chosen to love. Sometimes we grow apart and change as the years go by, sometimes mistakes are made that break the bond of love that was promised.

It happened to me. I didn't plan to be divorced with three children after 16 years of marriage, but that's what happened. My parents, on the other hand where married for 52 years when my mom passed away, Both sets of my grandparents were married equally as long.

Since I personally know how difficult it is to find true love and how it feels to know that you have found your missing puzzle piece, (my now husband, Quenton), I admire the people who are able to do it from the beginning and get it right the first time.

So, when I saw on Facebook that some friends of mine were celebrating the 68th wedding anniversary of their parents, I was in awe. The couple celebrated with a sweet photoshoot.  Here is what the photographer, Jorden Leffel had to say about this amazing couple from Oakland City, IN...

They married Christmas Day at the Baptist church and walked across the street for a ‘Donuts and Coffee’ reception at her mother’s home. They couldn’t marry at any other time because he was 19 and hadn’t yet earned vacation time.” More of this story on the blog today!
It’s not everyday you meet a couple who has been married for nearly 68 years. It’s even more precious to photograph them. I will forever be impacted by their story, and most definitely their love.!
Mr. & Mrs. Woods, your invitation for me to spend the evening with you was one of my high lights of this year. The whole world should know your story!
As I do with all of the photoshoots I write about, I put the photos into a story. So, let's watch Mr. And Mrs. Woods share a sweet and beautiful anniversary dance.

Couple Celebrates 68th Wedding Anniversary with a 'Dance' Photoshoot

The story that goes along with the photos is fiction, but it's what I felt when I looked at them dancing together. It's my gift to this incredible couple. I hope I did their love story justice. Read their real story HERE.

Happy 68th Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Woods and may you celebrate many more years of love.

[Jordan Leffel Photography]

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