Recently my Facebook has been filled with people talking about a "local sushi restaurant" that served still alive sushi, but good news, it's fake, well mostly! 

In the words of President Donald Trump, "you are fake news" haha! The Tri-State Beet a hilarious, satire facebook page full of "local" stories, posted a video of sushi moving, and claimed that it was served to unsuspecting restaurant goers in Evansville.

While the video may be real, the story is bogus. The Tri-State Beet posts satire, and while their stories are hilariously outrageous, this is just another fake story. The story has been shared over 1,000 times from their Facebook page, so I felt we should address this so no local businesses are hurt! But I think we can all agree, the story is pretty funny!

Here's what they wrote:

Local Evansville Man Captures Live Sushi on Camera

February 18th, 2017 5:15pm
EVANSVILLE, IN ( BEET ) - A video from a popular Evansville Japanese Sushi and Steak House of a clam meant for sushi is going viral after a local Evansville resident posted the clam was still moving despite being served as ready to eat.

The popular sushi restaurant, claims to have the freshest items on their menu and some of the products are delivered to the restaurant alive. However, it’s not supposed to be alive once served.
Raw fish poses several potential hazards for consumers besides parasites. Bacteria can develop in non-fresh fish and produce enzymes called histamines that may result in Scombroid poisoning. Certain tropical-water fish may also have a natural toxin called ciguatera which causes gastrointestinal and neurological symptoms.
"As far as sushi goes, the rules are in place because people were getting sick," said a microbiologist and food safety expert at the University of Evansville. "The parasites are why we do the freezing on the raw fish."
The video has left users grossed out, but also wondering if they’ll eat sushi again.

In fact a quick Google search of "moving sushi" brought me this video that was posted last week onto youTube.  Which even states it was recorded at a sushi restaurant in Japan.

So go forth and eat Evansville sushi my friends, it's safe! That is, if you still want to...



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