I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you have been seeing a post on Facebook about Shania Twain going on tour, you should probably read it.


The post says that:

Shania Twain is returning to the road. This morning, the woman behind the bestselling country album of all time, 1997's Come on Over, announced a 48-city summer tour. But the Rock This Country Tour, her first in more than 10 years, will also be her last.

That's huge news for fans all around the world. Especially for fans around the tri-state, as she will be preforming in Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Louisville. The bad news is that this tour ALREADY HAPPENED. This is a great example of why you should always read an article before you post it and get everyone's hopes up.

Someone must have saw this post and shared it without actually reading it, or looking at the date that it was published (March 4, 2015). I have seen quite a few people sharing it on Facebook saying that they wanted to go. Unfortunately, the only way that is possible is with time travel....which to my knowledge, has not been invented yet.

So, just to clarify, Shania Twain IS NOT going on tour. If you have seen that post shared on social media, be sure to share this post. You may break the hearts of some of her fans, but it's not your fault that they didn't read the article! However, IF she ever does decide to go back on tour, we will be sure to get all the details and share those with you!

To see the Rolling Stone post that everyone has been sharing, click here....and look at the date....


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