Shut the front door! My childhood as returned!!!90's you remember when Heinz made the green and purple ketchup?

It was short lived, but I can still remember dipping my fries in it and putting the green ketchup on my scrambled eggs to create "Green Eggs" just like Sam I Am (don't judge me). I hated it when Heinz discontinued the products...but now, green ketchup is making a comeback!

Walmart clearly understands that nostalgia is in style. That's why they have teamed up with Nickelodeon to release a new line of ketchup. This isn't any ordinary ketchup though. What is one of the things that Nickelodeon is known for (90's kids will remember this from shows like Double Dare and Figure It Out)??? GREEN SLIME!!!

Now, if you are wondering what this ketchup may taste like, well it tastes just like regular ketchup. The only difference is that it is the same color of the famous Nickelodeon green slime that has been dumped all over many celebrities heads for years now.

If you want to relive your green ketchup childhood like me, you can pick up your Nickelodeon Green Slime Ketchup exclusively at Walmart! I will be heading there as soon as I get off of work!

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