Zack Hample is huge baseball fan and has caught more than 6,800 baseballs in more than 50 Major League ballparks in the U.S. One baseball he hadn't caught yet was one dropped from 1,200 feet, which would be a world record. Hample made the attempt at a minor league baseball field in Massachusetts. A helicopter went 1,200 feet in the air above the field and the pilot dropped the ball with Hample waiting on ground wearing full catcher's gear...just in case. A ball traveling from 1,200 feet will be moving very fast and could break his hand or wrist.

After trying to zero in on the ball, Hample did in fact make the catch, breaking the old record of 822 feet. There was only one problem as near as anyone could tell. He failed to have someone from Guinness on hand to verify the, he doesn't get credit for it officially...yet. See for yourself, but I would not recommend trying something like this. If you got hit in face attempting this, well...let's just not go there, but trust me, it wouldn't be pretty.


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