Thrill seekers and carnival ride enthusiasts will have a new adrenaline-pumping ride to experience this year when the head to Franklin Street for the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival, according to a post on the organization's Facebook page.

The group shared the photos below of "The Extreme" Thursday evening saying the ride "is like the Freak Out," but comes "with a special twist." What that difference is is hard to tell from the photos as the two seem pretty similar. Both have multiple seats attached to a large arm that not only spins around, but swings back and forth like the pendulum of an old clock. I've never ridden "Freak Out," but based on this video, it seems that the highest point the arm swings puts the riders parallel to the ground. Maybe, and I'm totally guessing here because I don't know. the arm of "The Extreme" rotates a complete 360 degrees leaving riders hanging upside down for a brief period of time. Again, I'm just guessing.

What do you think it will do? Take a guess in the comments below then see if you were right when you stop by this year's Festival. And if you plan on riding it yourself, I suggest eating AFTER you ride regardless of what it does.

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