Why do you search the internet? The folks at About.com wanted to know the answer to that very question so, they put together a very interesting study that suggests people who search the internet, fall into one of three categories: "Answer Me", "Educate Me" and "Inspire Me". People who search the internet and fall into the "Answer Me" category, represent 46-percent of all internet searches. These people are looking for exactly what they ask for and nothing more. They also want their information as directly as possible. The top searches in this category involve Entertainment, Fashion and Beauty and Style.

People who fall into the "Educate Me" category represent 26-percent of all internet searches and are looking for multiple perspectives on critical topics. Their searches may stretch over a very long period of time and they are typically searching topics like Health and Finance.

Finally, those people who fall into the "Inspire Me" category represent 28-percent of all searches and they are usually looking for fun, "browsy" stuff. They really want to be entertained and surprised by what they find. These people also tend to be more open-minded than the rest of us and want to be led. Their searches generally involve Travel and Home and Garden.

Marketers hope this study will help them better connect with consumers and hopefully, do a better job of meeting their needs in a way that is quick and mutually beneficial. Bottom line, this study has the potential to give advertisers and marketrs valuable insight into what you and I actually want and need.....wouldn't that be nice. Click here to read thentire article from marketwatch.com.