In the past three weeks, I've gotten more robocalls and telemarketer calls than I know what to do with. And wouldn't you know, there's now another phone scam going around and it doesn't look like it would fool you too easily. 

The Better Business Bureau is warning about a new "one ring" scam. The scam it hitting several states and area codes in bursts, sometimes calling multiple times overnight. I didn't think overnight scam calls were much of an issue anymore, I was wrong.

If you call these numbers back, there's a chance you'll be charged a toll per minute. The scammers are using a "222" area code which is out of West Africa. The idea is the robo caller lets the phone ring once or twice and then hangs up, which may make the potential customer gets so frustrated, he or she may call the number back, especially if the call comes late at night.

Here are some tips if you do suspect a "one ring" scammer.

- Don't call back numbers you do not know, especially if they look like they are from overseas.
- If you get one of these calls, file a complaint at and at
- If you never make international calls, you can ask your phone company to block outbound international calls to prevent accidental toll calls.
- Keep a close eye on your phone bill for unexpected charges.

There are also several apps that can identify scam/unknown callers, but not all numbers are reported. Personally, just to be on the safe side, I'll block any number I don't know.

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