A night filled with ghostly tales and zombies?  Sign me up!

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The Walking Dead Phenomenon

Do you remember in the 2000s- early 2010s when everything was zombie-themed?  The Walking Dead premiered in 2010, and I feel like the zombie phenomenon really skyrocketed.  From tv shows to many zombie-themed movies like Zombieland and World War Z zombies were everywhere. While this is by no means the beginning of zombies in horror, this certainly seems to be when zombie popularity really peaked.  Soon New Harmony will play host to a special zombie-themed night out if you're brave enough to join in on the spooky fun!


Haunted New Harmony

Haunted New Harmony is a New Harmony-based business that explores New Harmony, Indiana's spooky past. They offer ghost walks around town and even paranormal investigations. They now offer two different types of ghost walks, the original and After Dark.

Night of the Zombies

On May 20th, 2023 Haunted New Harmony is upping the scare factor for their After Dark Ghost Walk by hosting all kinds of zombies.  On top of walking through New Harmony while hearing chilling tales from the town's past, you'll also pass zombies who will be stalking the streets of New Harmony, and you're invited to join them.


Zombies will be roaming New Harmony on Saturday, May 20th (8-9:30pm). The best way to protect yourself is to dress like a zombie yourself. We will have prizes for Most Original Costume and Creepiest Costume!

If you're interested in joining Haunted New Harmony's Night of the Zombies, you can find all of the information, plus purchase tickets, here.

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