When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor they struck a heavy blow to the United States Navy but they made two mistakes. (1) They didn't attack the fuel supply tanks at Pearl and (2) they didn't sink or even damage the US aircraft carriers because they were not at Pearl Harbor. The  USS Yorktown, Enterprise and Hornet  were at sea and remained ready to strike. Only six months after the Pearl Harbor attack and after US geeks had broken the Japanese code, those three carriers met four Japanese carriers in the battle of Midway. The new 2019 movie coming on Veteran's Day covers a broader span of time than the original 1976 version that starred Charlton Heston. In the new version, Woody Harrelson plays US Admiral Chester Nimitz and also stars Nick Jonas. At a cost of $100 million to make, it most likely cost more than the US spent fighting the original 1942 battle. Some critics that have played a lot of video games say some scenes don't look real but since my experience with gaming is limited, my bar for CGI graphics is set pretty low. I can't wait to see it! Here's a quick scene from the movie preview. What do you think?

still midway trailer youtube 2_edited-1

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