Sometimes you read an article that makes you say, what?????? There is a new crime wave sweeping the country that has law enforcement officials completely baffled. Tide laundry detergent is being stolen at an alarming rate and it so rampant that authorities from New York to Oregon are keeping a close eye on the thefts. Some cities have even set up a special task force to stop it and noboby knows why it's happening. CVS Pharmacies are actually locking down the the liquid as a security measure.....are you kidding me?

One thief in Minnesota has made off with more than $25,000 in the soap over the last 15 months and was finally arrested.

Get this, Tide sells for roughly $10-$20 a bottle, but is selling on the black market for $5 to $10 a bottle.....did you catch that? Tide is on the BLACK MARKET!!!!

Detective Larry Patterson of the Somerset, KY police department, where they have seen a huge spike in Tide theft lately says, "there's no serial numbers and it's impossible to track." Patterson adds, "It's the item to steal."

Police say the reason Tide more than any other brand is being stolen is because Tide is the most popular brand and it's Day-Glo orange logo makes it really stand out. Tide theft has been connected with drug trade and a recent drug sting turned up more Tide than cocaine.

A spokesperson for Procter & Gamble said, "We don't have any insight as to why the phenomenon is happening, but it is certainly unfortunate." It's more than just unfortunate, it is downright weird. Make sure you lock up all of your valuables, jewelry, money, insurance papers and your Tide!!

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