My husband and I tried to stop drinking so much coffee by drinking green tea instead. Well, that did't work so much. The green tea made us feel good and we DID like it, but there was just something missing. Coffee.

So, after about 9 months of coffee free mornings, except of the occasional coffee I would drink at the studio. Shhhhh, my husband didn't know I was cheating, LOL, we decided we really wanted to have coffee again. Right now, we are limiting ourselves to just the weekends, but I think I smell him brewing coffee in the kitchen right now and It's Wednesday. So much for JUST the weekends.

I knew we would not last. We LOVE our flavored coffees. Once we brought coffee back into our lives, I knew we wouldn't be able to stop. The only thing that might save is from drowning in coffee again is if we could have some coffee with our green tea.

Well, it looks like we might be getting just that with a new coffee flavored cereal. Post and Dunkin' have teamed up on two new cereals that taste like Dunkin' coffee flavors.  Mocha Latte and Caramel Macchiato. The best part is they are both deliciously caffeinated!

Both cereals go on sale next month.

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