Let's be honest, kids can be down right punks sometimes (but can't we all?), and they need to be taught poor decisions have their consequences. Grounding is usually the first go-to for parents, but that doesn't always fix the problem. Plus, taking away their electronics, TV, or whatever means they'll just around and complain how there's nothing to do which will just irritate you. And why should you be miserable? You didn't do anything wrong!

So next time you're at your wits end, give one of these punishments a go, and see if it teaches them anything.

Or, try one of our favorites!!

Adam's punishments are too funny!

....(son) got in trouble at school for making fun of a student for being trashy. Ive always explained to him if he was ever the bully at school I would be the worst bully he's ever seen. In no way do i want to create a child thats a victim whos scared of standing up for himself however I will not raise a bully. I always tell him its ok to joke with your friends if they do something stupid. Run and trip tease them a little but dont belittle. You do not ever pick on someone for something they have no control over. A kid doesn't have any control over how they grow up. Its not their fault their parents suck. So now lyndons room looks like this. He's not allowed to clean it up. He gets to feel what its like to live in trash and not be able to do anything about it.


Or, Adam also says this works,

Hes got in trouble for talking at school so i made him sit at the table and talk to him self so he'd be all talked out the next day.

Hes ran across the street without looking for cars and almost got hit. So i killed him he had to lay down amd act dead. I brought him back to life so he could make it inside but im no dr. He died again as soon as we hit the door. He now looks both ways before crossing a driveway.

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Happy parenting everyone!!!!


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