I've lived in the town of Newburgh for about six years. During that relatively short amount of time, the town has seen an explosion of commercial development with several national chain restaurants setting up shop with new locations. Popeyes, McAllister's Deli, Wings, Etc., Teriyaki Madness, and more have opened storefronts for Warrick County residents to enjoy. Now, another popular chain, which opened a location on Evansville's east side a year or two back, is getting ready to open a new location in Newburgh next month.

Jersey Mike's Sub to Open New Location in Newburgh

According to Evansville 411 News on Facebook, a local page that reports on new commercial developments coming to the area, Jersey Mike's Subs is scheduled to open its doors sometime during the first week of November. The sandwich shop will occupy the space at the opposite end of the building where the new location of Azzip Pizza opened earlier this year on the stretch of High Pointe Drive that runs between Bell and Frame Roads.

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The new location will be the company's second in the area and less than five miles away from its location in the Promenade Shopping Center on Burkhardt Road. While that might seem close, I can tell you as someone who lives in Newburgh, it will be nice to have the new location as an option to avoid Lloyd Expressway and Burkhardt Road traffic.

Evansville 411 News also reports the company is currently looking to hire employees for the new location and will be holding open interviews now through this Friday (October 20th) from Noon until 5:00 PM each day. Applications can also be submitted online through the Jersey Mike's website.

[Source: Evansville 411 News]

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