It's one of the biggest 4th of July traditions in America, and good news, it's still on! The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a lot of traditions away from us this year.  From Frog Follies, and Volkfest locally, to festivals and sporting events across the nation. But one thing COVID-19 can't take from us, is our love of eating too many hot dogs!

According to TMZ the contest will still be happening, but with a few changes.  First off there will be no live audience to cheer on the competitive eaters. Secondly there will only be half the competitors to ensure safe social distancing for the eaters.  Which honestly I think if  I was downing dozens of hot dogs, I'd want my space anyways.

So for those of us who are really missing sports this year, we at least have the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest to look forward to.

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