I don't know about you, but I love a good murder mystery! I think it started when I was a kid, because growing up my favorite game to play was Clue.  I would spend hours trying to figure out who murdered Mr. Boddy, with what weapon, and in what room.  I think this also may be where my interest in actual true crime began, but that's another story for another day.

There's a game coming to Evansville that says it's bringing "real life Clue" to the city, in the form of a virtual murder mystery game where you'll have to travel around Evansville to piece together clues and solve the mystery of the Ripper. The event will take place outdoors on March 27th, and you can play with a team of up to 6 people for $51. It sounds to me like it's almost a Pokemon Go type game. You'll have to go around the city to find and interview virtual witnesses and find virtual clues.

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Here's what Cluedupp.com says about the murder mystery case you'll be solving:

The words "The Ripper" strike fear into the heart of every detective. Now it seems that a new Ripper is on the loose and three men have already been murdered. Can your team of detectives scramble across town, solve the clues and crack the case before The Ripper strikes again?

They describe the game as the following:

CluedUpp Detective Days are like giant, outdoor escape games. It's where clue-solving meets adventure. It's the most exciting murder-mystery you'll ever attend. Join over half a million players worldwide and experience it for yourself...
They say all you'll need to play is a team of "detectives," and a smartphone to play the game.  They also said you can dress in fancy detective clothes if you so wish. If you're interested in learning more about the virtual murder mystery event taking place in Evansville, you can check out Cluedupp.com for all the info.

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