You can enjoy live music and paranormal tours at this Kentucky honky tonk bar.

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Bobby Mackey's Music World

Located in Wilder, Kentucky sits an unassuming bar called Bobby Mackey's Music World.  From the outside, it looks like a regular bar, but its history and the stories that come from Bobby Mackey's are anything but.  This bar has been featured on numerous paranormal channels online and was even featured on the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures, as well as Portals to Hell (which is hosted by rock legend Ozzy Osbourne's son, Jack).

From Slaughterhouse to Honky Tonk

The area where Bobby Mackey's Music World now sits has an eerie past and is also said to be home to a portal to hell (no thank you).  According to the Travel Channel, back in 1850 the place where the bar now sits was a large animal slaughterhouse. With slaughtering animals comes a lot of waste (think blood, guts, etc...) so they built a large well to house that waste.  The well is now the center of what's said to be a lot of paranormal activity.  Researchers believe the slaughterhouse closed around the 1890s.  Local lore says that around this area is where you can find a portal to Hell.

Today, Bobby Mackey's Music World is known as a popular honky tonk bar in the region. They host live country music weekly.

Come for the Ghosts & Stay for the Music!


Most Haunted Nightclub in America

If you want to explore the spookier side of Bobby Mackey's Music World you can actually book a paranormal investigation. Gatekeeper Paranormal is the official paranormal team of Bobby Mackey's and they host ghost tours every week.

Thank you for your interest in Bobby Mackey’s Music World. “The Most Haunted Nightclub in America”!

We offer 2 hour guided tours, private group investigations and public event hosting!

On the 2 hour tour you are taken around all accessible areas of the building. Your tour guide is with you at all times and provides information on the history of the location and reported paranormal activity. We will spend time in each area to allow for a brief paranormal investigation.You are welcome to bring small, handheld equipment such as recorders, EMF meters, cameras etc.

If you want to book a ghost tour,  you can do so, here.


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