As you may have heard, died yesterday after being shot in the head and chest. He was found in a drain pipe. Rebels found a golden gun on him. And, believe it or not, it cost $1 billion to find and kill him. OMG!!!

This was one WEIRD guy!! Here are the Four Weirdest Things About Moammar Gadhafi from ABC News.

1. The "Bulletproof" Tent:  When he travelled,  he brought the desert with him. He  camped out in the world's capitals. The tent was so heavy it needed to be flown on a separate plane.

2. All-Female Virgin Bodyguards: The women were handpicked by Gadhafi and wore sexy uniforms, as well as makeup and high-heeled combat boots.

3. His  Ukrainian Nurse: For 10 tears, a Ukrainian nurse was regularly seen by his side. She was one of Gadhafi's closest aides and was rumored to have a romantic relationship with him. She and other of his nurses referred to him as "Papa" or "Daddy."

4. Crush on Condoleezza Rice: In 2007, he called former Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice his "darling black African woman" and when she visited Tripoli, the he  gave her $200,000 worth of gifts. Ewwwww!

For more weirdness, click here! Unless you are too sick already!!