One of my favorite places to stay last year during my vacation was a Bed & Breakfast in Somerset, PA.  The room came complete with the usual stuff you get in a hotel room, but here, we had our very own large private bathroom with a sunken tub, shower & more. We also had access to the downstairs tv room and kitchen and enjoyed complimentary glasses of wine and snacks.

Rates were very reasonable depending on the rooms ranging between $85 - $125. The owner of the property was nice and all & but, after she told us what she would be fixing for breakfast, all I could think of was ewwww, this was a mistake. turned out to be one of the most delicious breakfasts I’ve had!  On the menu:  a poached egg with lemon sauce on a hot toasted English muffin, fresh ham and bacon slices, warm cinnamon apples, made from scratch rhubarb muffins with coffee, tea, juices and water. Wow.  I had to have another egg and maybe another one of those muffins. I couldn’t believe how delicious everything tasted!  So, for me it turned out to be a memorable stay during my husband's & my vacation.  Our room was great (wasn't crazy about the décor) but it was comfortable, private and the breakfast was amazing. If you plan to travel this year, you may want to consider staying at a Bed & Breakfast, it might really surprise you!

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