If only animals could talk. A new video shows a Missouri service dog who loves to help his owner and appears to really want to be a cashier.

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A lady named Amber in Joplin, Missouri shared this status on Rumble describing how her service dog named Kent helps her at her work:

Kent is a Service dog for myself (Amber). He has been trained the last two years to do tasks to assist me with my disabilities. Kent allows me to live an independent life and with an amazing accommodating job we are able to live a semi normal life!

Just look at this good boy.

The people that train dogs like Kent to help their humans should get a medal. The AKC describes the intricate process that goes into helping a dog learn skills like this. Their are basic skills like learning to ignore distractions and obedience, but dogs like Kent also have to adapt to specific needs of people like Amber. It's incredible to watch how an animal can completely adapt to help a person live a full life with fewer limitations.

If you can't afford a service dog, but have need of one, the website Rover has some tips on how you can work with a dog to bring them to a place where they can help.

Kudos to Kent on helping his owner Amber have such a healthy outlook on life and be willing to share moments like this with the rest of the world.

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