You never know what you're gonna find when you move into a new home. One Missouri family learned this as they learned a raccoon family was trapped in their trash cans.

Here's the backstory shared on YouTube of exactly what happened:

Ashley Tinnell, 34, is from Missouri, USA, and recorded this video on August 6, 2021.

Ashley and her family had heard a noise coming from the bins at the front of their porch, so they opened the bin to investigate.

Much to their surprise, they discovered the noise had been coming from a young, seemingly lost pair of raccoons, as they struggled to get out of the bin.

Just look at these little bandits who are trying to act innocent.

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It's worth noting that if you find a growling raccoon in your trash, it's probably best to not attempt to handle the animal yourself due to the possibility of rabies. As the Humane Society notes, raccoons are a primary carrier of rabies and any contact can be deadly to humans. None of these raccoons showed any serious signs of infection, but you never know without testing. My guess is that the growling raccoon was just defending the young ones.

Would I have dropped hot dogs into a trash can full of raccoons? Nope, but that's just me. Gently tipping the cans over and getting back in my home would have been my first priority. However, I'm always a fan of cute animal videos where no one is harmed which is exactly what this is.

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