Mindy McCreadys' downward spiral has continues with last week's story about her disappearing with her son Zander. McCready was ordered to return the boy to Florida or face possible charges. McCready and Zander were found hiding in a closet in Arkansas where Zander was taken by authorities and McCready was taken into custody. McCready has been freed by an Arkansas Judge and Zander has been placed in foster care for the time being. McCready could eventually face kidnapping charges and Zander could be returned to her mother's home in Florida who is Zander's guardian.

 Everyone talks about how sad all this for McCready, but how come nobody is talking about the real victim in this case and the one who stands to lose more than anybody, her son Zander who is only five. This poor child has done nothing and between the courts, his grandmother and McCready herself, he will be fighting an uphill battle for quite some time. Someboday please start looking out for this kid who has no control over his own fate right now.

 Let's hope everything works out for Zander more than anyone. As she was leaving the courthouse, McCready said, "I'm a happy girl" and praised Judge Lee Harrod saying, "I love Judge harrod, I'll tell you that. I love that man, he's a good man." McCready later claimed to have won custody of Zander, but nothing official has been released confirming that. See the video clip below if you're concerned about Zander.

Mindy McCready

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