It's dangerous to pick up hitchhikers. Don't believe me? A Midwest woman didn't pick up this passenger voluntarily, but it didn't make the hitchhiker any more pleasant as her video reveals.

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According to the video description, the woman who shared this video is Vicki Ruhl, a Hutchinson, Kansas native. She noticed something weird near her rear view mirror. That eventually included her windshield, too.

Fox 10 out of Phoenix spoke with Vicki who was more than a little freaked out by this slithering critter. She said she was just trying to focus and not crash her car while she decided how to get to a safe place where the snake would hopefully voluntarily go his/her own way.

They did confirm that this was a harmless bull snake which is large, but really just a cream puff among reptiles. Wikipedia mentions that bull snakes are often given credit for killing dangerous rattlesnakes, but a study found that rarely happens. Still, it's a snake that isn't harmful to humans and is best left alone.

The good news is that Vicki says she was able to find a safe place to pull over and this big boy safely retreated back into nature. Congrats to Vicki for keeping her composure so she, the snake and fellow drivers weren't harmed in the making of this video.

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