This past week, I asked in one of my Facebook groups if anyone knew of an indoor place where I can take my new puppy to play, socialize, and get some much needed exercise. As much as I like taking him for walks in 30 degree weather, I'd much rather be indoors. The only responses I got were the standard PetSmart, Tractor Supply, Rural King, etc. Don't get me wrong - it's cool that they allow dogs - but I wish I could let him go off leash and really have a great time!

Michigan will soon be home to The Pack Indoor Dog Park in Grand Rapids, set to open this summer. And it won't just be fun for canines - their humans will have a place of their own in the 100,000 square foot park to enjoy food, beer, and wine.

The park will offer doggie daycare services and there will be a cost to enter. You can visit five times for $30 or a yearlong membership is $200 if you plan on going more than 30 times.

I would LOVE to have one of these in the Evansville area. And, the opportunities are endless for charitable pet events, birthday parties, even weddings for dog lovers! Ha!

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