Have you ever heard something about an artist and instantly liked them more than you previously did?  Well that just happened with me and rising country star, Michael Ray...

Michael Ray is showing the country world that he has no intentions of slowing down, with his latest single 'Get to You' and brand new album, Amos, but now he has yet ANOTHER reason for us to love him!

After performing 'Get to You' on the Ellen show yesterday she asked him an interesting question "what do you ask people to bring to your shows?"  And Michael Ray responded saying he asks that people bring dog food, cat food,  dog toys etc... Michael adopted a dog, Wrigley and in honor of his rescue dog Wrigley, he created Wrigley Cares which is an organization that he created along with Zappos and they help animals in need.

He said he adopted Wrigley randomly one day after a show in Chicago, and she went from a dog living on the streets to now living the tour bus life with him.

My Wrigley Girl (Melissa/WKDQ)
My Wrigley Girl (Melissa/WKDQ)

I knew I liked Michael Ray, but after watching his interview and performance on Ellen I felt like Will Ferrell in Step Brothers, "did we just become best friends?!" haha! Because you see, Michael Ray and I have something in common, we both have female rescue dogs, named Wrigley (my girl's photo is to the left)! The female part is important because I've met several dogs named Wrigley, but they're usually males.  Also Wrigley's collar in one of the photos they show of her, is the same collar I have for my dog. I know, it's fate, we were meant to be country radio best friends, and rescue dogs, that's just how this is going to have to work haha!

Check out his performance below, and hear him talk about Wrigley Care's right after his performance and don't forget next Thursday he will be at KC's Marina Pointe as a part of our country cares concert series! Get tix here!


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