When Merle Haggard sang his big 1973 hit, "I Wonder If They Ever Think of Me", he was singing about a different prison experience than his 2 1/2 year stint in San Quentin.. His song was written from the standpoint of an American soldier being held in a Vietnamese prison.

The war in Vietnam was coming to an end when Merle released his tune in December of 1972 , No one knew on that date what was really going to happen with the American POWs in Nam. But by the time this song by "The Hag" hit number one on February 17, 1973  the first group of prisoners has been cleaned up, issued new clothing by the Vietnamese, and were headed home to the states.

If there ever was a song with perfect timing the following one by Merle is it. We dedicate this to all that served in Nam and especially the hundreds that were held in captivity, and the 1,359 still listed as Missing In Action

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