They say the very best country songs are written and sung by the person who really experienced the story. Three cords and the truth--that's the secret. Maybe that's why Merle Haggard's 31st number one hit was so successful.

It was 1984 and Merle was currently married to his third wife Leona Williams. They were having some relationship difficulties. Leona was a darn good songwriter and she always kept a pen and paper handy especially when in her bathroom. That's where she wrote most of the song "Someday when things are good I'm gonna leave you"

Someday when things are good
I'm gonna leave you
I can't seem to go
When things are bad
I'll be one more love
That you can dream about
And one more man
That you can say you've had

Leona was a little reluctant to show her husband what she'd written for fear he'd think it was about him (which it was). But Merle didn't say anything. He made a few changes in the lyrics and made arrangements to record the tune.

It became Merle Haggard's 31st number one song and then just as the royalty checks were rolling in for Merle and Leona -- She left him.

Times must have finally gotten good.

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