Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest driving holidays of them all and that means annoying drivers....millions of them, more than 30 million to be exact. Triple-A says more than 30 million of us will be driving more than 50 miles this weekend and a new survey has ranked the most annoying drivers...and coming in at number one is.......texting drivers, which should be a surprise to nobody. It used to be tailgaters who fall to number two on the list. The report is actually an annual Road Rage Report put together for Expedia by Northstar.

Road rage is at an all-time high and it's almost impossible anymore to not see it or even be a victim of road rage...and some of you, you know who you are, are perpetrators. The following are the top 5 most annoying drivers according to the survey...

  1. People who text, e-mail and talk on the phone. 69% said these tools are the worst drivers. I would also like to add those who drive with one hand while their phone is clutched tightly in the other, even when they are not using it....are you afraid you'll die if you put it down??
  2. Tailgaters. These people are idiots, but here's a tip....if you think you can get them to back off by tapping your brakes, think again. This will only escalate any road rage potential.
  3. People who eat, read, dress, or do anything else but concentrate on their driving. These people also tend to be swervers and might even appear to be impaired. Stay away from someone who is changing their outfit at 60 mph.
  4. People who drift into other lanes...see above. These people are clueless.
  5. People who drive under the speed limit. This one REALLY gets me. Doing 45 in a 70 is not cool!!!

To see the complete list, click the Expedia hyper-link at the bottom of the page and happy motoring!!

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