Sean Fuller who is the drummer for FGL will be in Henderson in April, during the times he isn't touring with FGL he is a motivational speaker. I had no idea!


It's called "Sean Fuller's, Faith Goals and Life."  And Kidtuckiana Chances Incorporated is hosting him.   It was originally to be hosted at Henderson County High School but due to unforeseen circumstances it will no longer be held there. But they're working on getting a new event space. Now this event is a private event, he will be there to perform, and talk with students about "Faith Goals and Life" where he will motivate students by encouraging them to do their best.

However even though this is a private event, around April 11th, be sure to keep your eyes peeled! Maybe you'll run into Sean at a local eatery or something cool like that!

You can read more about Kidtuckiana Chances here!

Check out this video of him playing!

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