Allow us to introduce you to this week's Pet of the Week from the Vanderburgh Humane Society! This is Quint.

According to the VHS, "Quint is a beautiful boy who really needs either an adopter OR foster. He is just over a year old (he turned one at the shelter.) He walks great on a leash, plays nicely with the other dogs, and will Sit when asked."

But there is something you need to know about him, Amanda from the VHS says, "his kennel presence is terrible. He barks and goes nuts at every person that walks by, which makes visitors not want to get him out. He also 'poop paints' from stress, which means he potties in his kennel and then makes a mess with it."

Obviously that has kept potential new families from wanting to adopt him, and, as Amanda says, "it prevents us from knowing if he’s ACTUALLY potty trained in a home or if he’s just too stressed."

But you can still help Quint. Even if you're not interested in making him a full-time member of the family, the VHS thinks he needs a break from the shelter, and is looking for a foster family that would be willing to keep him at their home for "test run" so to speak to see how he behaves when he's not around all the noise and activity that takes place at the shelter on a daily basis.

If you're interested in adopting or fostering Quint, call the VHS and ask to speak to one of the Adoptions staff at (812) 426-2563 for more info on either.Adoption fee when the time comes is $110. Fostering is 100% free. And if you choose to adopt him after the foster period, you can.

All the info on fostering a pet is at

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