Allow us to introduce you to this week's Pet of the Week from the Vanderburgh Humane Society! Meet Minnie!

According to the VHS:
It’s not just dogs, cats, & bunnies needing homes this year. Minnie is only about 6 months old. A domestic mouse’s lifespan is roughly 2 - 2 and 1/2 years, so she is still a youngin. She’s a female (which are notoriously less stinky than males) and obviously quite used to people hanging out with her & watching her. Mice don’t always want to be “cuddled” much, but they certainly make great starter pets for kids and for parents who want to guage the kids’ interest in cleaning a cage, feeding & paying attention to their own pet, etc. Shorter-term than a guinea pig or a rabbit would be.Her adoption fee is $5. That does not include her cage but VHS usually has a lot of gently-used supplies like cages, wheels, huts, toys, and such up for sale.
All the info on adopting a pet is available through the VHS website.

Wanna watch cats playing LIVE 24/7 (if they’re not sleeping) on their new Petcube Play in the Cageless Cat Lounge and at the River Kitty Cat Cafe. Download the free Petcube app, create an account, and find “VHS Cat Lounge.” The camera runs all the time and if you turn your phone to landscape, you can control the built-in laser pointer and play with the kittens!

Get more info on Iris or other adoptable pets at!

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