Oh Clementine is about to melt your heart! She's only 10 months old, and just got to her new home in Evansville! 

Meet one of the newest (and cutest!) residents to Mesker Park Zoo! Clementine is currently 10 months old and traveled allllllll the way from...Missouri haha! However if you go to the zoo this weekend, don't be too disappointed when you don't see her.  Due to the fact that she just moved here, she is being quarentined (it's routine for all new animals), and they're giving her time to get acclimated before she will be roaming around on display for us to see.  But the good news is, soon we will get to see her!

Welcome to Evansville sweet Clementine!

Here's what the zoo has to say:

This #WorldGiraffeDay we're celebrating with our newest arrival...Clementine! 🍊 The 10-month-old giraffe arrived at the Zoo this week from Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, MO and is currently completing the standard quarantine process for all new animals. Once her quarantine and acclimation period is complete, she will join the zoo's giraffes, Kiah and Kizzie, and the zebras in the giraffe yard.

Giraffes are an iconic species of Africa and in about 100 AZA-accredited zoos. The species has been going through a silent crisis in the past few years in that their numbers in the wild have decreased dramatically with little notice. AZA-accredited zoos and their partners are working collectively to help save giraffes through education, research, fieldwork, public awareness, and action.

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